Make The Right Choice Of Golf Shaft


Choosing right kind of golf shaft is of great importance if you want to master the game of golf. Whether you buy the most highly priced golf shafts for sale or just invest in some cheaper shaft, you will not find the right one unless you have the knowledge of what you should for in a shaft.

According to, you can choose between the graphite and steel shaft. It was earlier believed that the graphite shafts were for the beginners but the time has changed now and even the most professional of the golfers choose the graphite shafts over the steel ones. The main feature that led to this choice is the light weight of the graphite shafts.

Only the shafts that have flex that is just right for your swing is the one that you should choose. When you turn the shaft, it tends to bend a little. Wrong flex can affect the distance the ball covers and also the trajectory leading to an inefficient stroke. The flex is categorized according to the swing as ladies, senior, regular, stiff and finally the extra. When in doubt choose a softer shaft.
More swing will be provided to you by a lighter shaft due to a faster speed. This leads to the ball covering a greater distance. However, this might affect the accuracy of the shot. It is only good to buy the shaft that is meant for you. Extra stiff does not mean that you will be called more macho. Rather it will decrease your efficiency.

Finding the right shaft is of great importance as it would help you get the right kind of shot with little efforts. Also, you will be saved from trying out different sticks for your game making it time and money saving affair. So, only chose the one that fits your height and strength.