Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun


Airsoft has gained considerable following and acceptance now when compared to its early days. You can look through the ratings of the top 10 airsoft sniper rifles and gun ad nauseam, but in the end, it comes down to budget and personal preference. Tournaments take place across the nation where enthusiasts can play against other individuals and teams, like the competition mentioned in Like a real gun or rifle, when it comes to choosing an Airsoft gun, there are a couple of basic requirements you will need to consider before purchasing or even considering an Airsoft gun purchase. Your choice of weapon will determine the role you play in almost every Airsoft game. Unless you are keen on investing in a second weapon to switch your role, think about the pros and cons of each role and its best-suited weapon before making a choice.

Choose something you want to own for your first Airsoft rifle or gun. However, keep in mind that there are certain restrictions when it comes to certain weapons in a team situation. In fact, some registered tournament groups will only allow the use of certain classes of weapons in order to keep the playing field even between both teams as well as to play the best game possible on a certain terrain. If you are planning to join such a group, do a little background research on the type of simulation they focus on or approach one of their members before deciding to purchase an Airsoft gun.

For close range role plays, the smaller BB guns are the handiest. If you have a small group of friends who prefer to use the woods behind someone’s house as their playground, a smaller weapon might suit your needs better. Formal groups such as these will be more lenient with regards to the type of weapon you use. You should also bear in mind that each weapon comes with a certain weight, skill set, and tactical outlook. A GPMG-ladled sniper can hardly be expected to run across the field after the enemy, and a short range shooter may not feel the most useful hiding in bushes. Take into account your physical ability level and the type of role you will be happy playing more than once.

Once you have factored your skill level, a weapon of choice and fitness level into the equation, it is time to decide on a role for you to play. Again, use common sense; you can hardly expect to be cast as a team leader or commander if you are new to real life MilSim. The commander is armed with an automatic and their backup riflemen, snipers and support gunners are armed with something along the lines of AK47s, sniper rifles and GMPGs or FAMAS respectively. It needs to be said that the sniper position may sound enticing on paper but is one of the most expensive positions to hold, which may not be suitable for a beginner. Instead, websites likeĀ tell players to opt for being a gunner or a rifleman to get a clear picture of how gameplay works out with Airsoft weapons.