A Procrastinator’s Guide On Choosing The Best Road Bike

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Why turn this pleasurable activity of buying a new bike into pure torture. It begins as an unclear idea and turns into an excitement which snowballs into a big headache. It becomes a lesson in the art of procrastination because of the paradox of choices. You get overwhelmed by the marginal differences between colors, wheels, groupsets and gears. There is a wide range to select from traditional bikes to hybrid bikes. There are several interesting articles on http://healthywomen.org/ about physical activities like cycling and its health benefits. There are five major considerations while going for the best road bike.

Consider Your Budget
Sticking to your budget and not even looking at bikes which are a few hundred dollars above the price and not to stray away from this price was the initial theory. But now set the budget and see bikes above the budget by increasing it. Justify yourself that it takes more investment to own a decent bike with good wheels, pedals, saddle, color and extra padding on the handle wrap. It is your dream bike and you may have to cut on other expenses this month to own your beauty.

Decide On Your Riding Type
Decide on the type of riding you will be doing on the bike long rides, hill climbs, races or café ride. There is a wide range of road bikes to choose from with different geometries, gearing, brakes and frames. The biggest choice is mostly between a race frame and an endurance frame. Consider your style of riding and comfort while selecting the bike.

The Frame Size
There are a few different ways to measure a bike frame and each one differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. First measurements to consider is the inseam length and reach and not your height while deciding the size of the bike. The best way to measure a bike and compare its geometries is by taking it for a test ride. As the difference between two frame sizes is not huge, you could select the smaller frame and adjust the seat height and reach with seats and stems like many Pro’s prefer to do. It all depends on your choice between comfort and speed.

Color And Aesthetics
Don’t underestimate the color and aesthetics while going for a bike as it is important to enjoy riding your new bike among friends. Don’t buy flashy colors just because it comes with electric gears or other special features as you will regret it later and will definitely ride less or would have to repaint it. Also, look out for UD matt black frames which actually leave the frame to look blemished or unfinished.

Gear Selection
Gears are of three type’s compact, standard and semi-compact. Your choice of gears should depend on the type of riding and your performance. If you have knee pain and struggle to climb hills, then go for a compact one. Go for a semi-compact or a standard one if you are a strong rider. Semi-compact gives you a small cog in the front for the hills and a big cog to power away on the flats.