Best Wheeled Cooler – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

wheeled cooler

For those who have to transport and carry coolers regularly, it could be a tiresome experience. So a cooler on wheels that serves your needs would be a great idea. igloo maxcold ultra wheeled cooler with its insulation technology has many unique features that would interest you as it serves as an easy , portable cooler with handle and wheels that you can carry around with you wherever you go. talks about 15 survival skills that may be handy for you.

Are you having a tough time, carrying around a full cooler from your car to the field or say from the gym to a picnic spot? If you feel the lack of any help around and need to do such tasks all by yourself, consider picking up the best wheeled cooler to suit your needs. Here are some buying tips that you could opt for while purchasing your cooler with wheels:

As the needs of the individual may differ as per the situation and circumstances, this may call for things to be considered while observing different models from a close up view.
These may include:

Height of the handle
Though this may not sound significant enough, you might give it a second thought! If you are tall, it means there is the need to crouch down lower when you have to hold the handle while rolling. This could be difficult for you. Again if there is the need to roll the cooler for longer periods and distances as well, that would again mean having to crouch down for extended periods of time which indicates the reason to go for a cooler that has a longer telescopic handle.

Size of the wheel
Indeed the size of the wheel does make a difference. Imagine a real vehicle to understand this better. Think about a car which has smaller wheels and which has to move on a rough terrain and then compare it with a truck which has off road tires and how it would move on the same rough terrain. It is evident that the truck would do better. The same is applicable to the needs of your rolling cooler. It is better to go for a cooler that has larger wheels if the area that you use the cooler comprises of rough terrain.

Size of transport
Dimensions become the important factor to consider if you have to transport your new cooler. Here, if you have a cooler with wheels and handles, it may increase your difficulty to transport while making it hard to place the same on backseats or trunks.
Again, while travelling by plane, carrying a wheeled cooler could be a difficult affair. The important thing you should pay attention to is the size of your cooler along with its attachments including the handles and wheels.

So do remember to make a note of these aspects in mind when you go for purchasing your cooler on wheels so that you get the best one absolutely fitting your needs as and how you want it.

Make The Right Choice Of Golf Shaft


Choosing right kind of golf shaft is of great importance if you want to master the game of golf. Whether you buy the most highly priced golf shafts for sale or just invest in some cheaper shaft, you will not find the right one unless you have the knowledge of what you should for in a shaft.

According to, you can choose between the graphite and steel shaft. It was earlier believed that the graphite shafts were for the beginners but the time has changed now and even the most professional of the golfers choose the graphite shafts over the steel ones. The main feature that led to this choice is the light weight of the graphite shafts.

Only the shafts that have flex that is just right for your swing is the one that you should choose. When you turn the shaft, it tends to bend a little. Wrong flex can affect the distance the ball covers and also the trajectory leading to an inefficient stroke. The flex is categorized according to the swing as ladies, senior, regular, stiff and finally the extra. When in doubt choose a softer shaft.
More swing will be provided to you by a lighter shaft due to a faster speed. This leads to the ball covering a greater distance. However, this might affect the accuracy of the shot. It is only good to buy the shaft that is meant for you. Extra stiff does not mean that you will be called more macho. Rather it will decrease your efficiency.

Finding the right shaft is of great importance as it would help you get the right kind of shot with little efforts. Also, you will be saved from trying out different sticks for your game making it time and money saving affair. So, only chose the one that fits your height and strength.